Compétences et difficultés des élèves dyslexiques en situation d’étude de systèmes techniques



For the law voted in 2005 about disabled people in France, we have known that disciplines such as languages, mathematics, drawing or sports activities are schooling spaces of adaptation for pupils whose disability is not psychiatric origin. Experimental disciplines such as science and technology remain less studied in which some aspects are proposed to help in following “normal” classes. We know nothing about the issue of technology education and about activities used in teaching technology in supporting dyslexic pupils. This contribution shows how dyslexic pupils develop capacities to bypass obstacles they have to confront in experimental activities of technology. This first research reveals that technical languages and artifacts oblige dyslexic pupils go seek in them intact capacities undisturbed by dyslexia.


Dyslexic, technology education, schooling adaptation, competencies

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