Investigating the reflective opportunities of aesthetic experience in education



This study attempts an in-depth exploration into the educational possibilities of art. Initially, through an attempt at a bibliographic investigation, an analysis is made of the way in which, through works of art, we understand the world around us and we perceive reality. Subsequently, the criteria that important theoreticians raise for the educational exploitation of art, are explored. Then, based on this theoretical framework, through a longitudinal research, we investigate the reflective opportunities offered by the aesthetic experience in education. This research, took place in a pedagogical department of the University of Patras and consists of two phases: a) an initial research involving the systematic application of the 'Transformative Learning through Aesthetic Experience' method during their studies; and (b) a second survey of the same participants, six years after their graduation, through semi-structure interviews. The findings of the research not only reveal important information about the potential of using art for reflective activation, but also a critical analysis of a didactic subject, still on one condition though: to use, first of all, the appropriate, according to the theoretical criteria, works of art, and second, a well-organized methodological approach, such as the TLAE.


Critical Reflection, art in education, teachers’ education, university pedagogy, transformative learning

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